We processes personal data by collecting and storing the so-called cookies. Because we care about your privacy and personal data protection, we have prepared this information about how we work with cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are data files that we place on your device if you use our website Cookies ensure the operation of our websites and at the same time help to remember your activities on our website. We use information thereby obtained to improve our website and to optimize our services we provide to you as a website user.

Which cookies do you use?

We use several kinds of cookies files, i.e.:

Technical cookies
These cookies provide a basic operation of websites that could not work without their use.

Permanent cookies
These cookies are stored on your device, but they do not identify you, they only record your website behaviour, etc. These cookies are mainly used for traffic and advertisement statistics.

Relation cookies
Relation cookies are not stored in your device as opposed to permanent cookies. Immediately after you leave our website, they will be automatically erased. These cookies help us with the proper display of the website.

Advertisement cookies
In addition to permanent cookies that help us with advertising, we also use purely advertising cookies. These cookies help us display targeted advertising on websites that are part of the ad network, including some social networks.

We may also use other categories of cookies. If we used them regularly and systematically, we will, of course, inform you thereof. Below you will find a cookie table that we use in the course of our website.

Cookies titleDescriptionTitle of possible third party


Security cookies  
NID Google uses these cookies based on recent searches and interactions and customizes ads on Google websites. Google

Awareness with the use of cookies and restrictions thereof

By using this website, you acknowledge that you understand that our website uses cookies.

If you do not want us to use cookies in your case, you can erase or reject cookies in your browser’s default settings. However, it is possible that our website will not be fully functional and your experience may be impaired.

Utilizamos una selección de cookies propias y de terceros en las páginas de este sitio web: Cookies esenciales, que son necesarias para utilizar el sitio web; cookies funcionales, que proporcionan una mejor facilidad de uso al utilizar el sitio web; cookies de rendimiento, que utilizamos para generar datos agregados sobre el uso y las estadísticas del sitio web; y cookies de marketing, que se utilizan para mostrar contenido y publicidad relevantes. Si elige "ACEPTAR TODO", acepta el uso de todas las cookies. Puede aceptar y rechazar tipos de cookies individuales y revocar su consentimiento para el futuro en cualquier momento en "Configuración"